Sunday, 14 December 2014

Forum Files: Amaya Police Raid; Ivey’s New Girl; Bilzerian Drama

ForumFiles What does the law enforcement raid of Amaya Gaming mean for PokerStars? Phil Ivey&#8217s girlfriend is very hot. And Dan Bilzerian is in difficulty. It&#8217s all in the week’s most exciting threads in the entire world of poker discussion boards.

Amaya raid

Thread: Amaya workplaces raided by Federal Police in Montreal

So the largest information in the world of on-line gaming and poker this week was a raid on Amaya Gaming&#8217s workplaces in Canada, in what appears to be an investigation into insider buying and selling. This is essential to the poker planet, of program, now that Amaya owns PokerStars. The raid experienced no influence on PokerStars&#8217 functions, but it&#8217s even now a juicy bit of information for the poker community to delve into.

Ivey&#8217s girl

Thread: Phil Ivey girlfriend

If the net is to be believed, Phil Ivey has a new girlfriend, who is also a bikini product. Nicely played, Phil.


Thread: Dan Bilzerian&#8217s very own containment thread. All things Bilzerian go right here

It was a excellent 7 days to speak about rich dude/poker player Dan Bilzerian, who got arrested and was sued. Excellent times, Danny.

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